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September 22, 2009


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Thanks for the post, her success especially of late has been inspiring. I love seeing these inside shots of harvest, I do think that the more we're able to let the general public see into the real wine industry it will take away a lot of the problems associated with wine(stuffy etc).

As long as they don't start making you push down any Pinot Noir during fermentation, harvest isn't so bad :)

Best of luck growing the blog! Tom sets a great example.

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i like this part of the post:"From growing the grapes, pruning, keeping the birds off (why do they always know when the grapes are 22 brix?), personal grape picking at dawn, hand stemming (what are pals for?), pressing them individually by name in the world's smallest hand crank press." is very good

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i like this part of the post:"I interviewed Eileen for my 'Drink, Pray, Make Wine' Winemaker Q&A last Friday, yes during harvest can you believe she found the time? " is very good

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Wonderful experience you went through, im sure you enjoyed it.

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I have a grapevine growing that is spreading all over mu back yard. the grapes look to blue. as you can tell this is my first experience growing grapes. When will they be ready to pick here in south texas. I cannot find an answer to this question. Anyone?


Wine making process isn't easy, right? I am a wine lover and I am glad to found your post and also I am impressed of your thought. Looking forward for your post. :)

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